[C] 泰香全能辣椒酱 (Thai Xiang Almighty Chili Sauce)


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爱辣朋友家族就不应该错过, 那是你们好朋友, 酸辣在心. (别担心, 不含有醋)



Product Information
• Product Name : 泰香全能辣椒酱
• Product Weight : 320g
• Ingredients : 辣椒,蒜米,糖,盐,柠檬
• Brand : Laomuzi
• Manufacture Origin In : Penang Malaysia
• Food Preservation Method : Keep Into Fridge
• Expiry Date : Between 3 to 6 months
• Flavour : Sour and spicy, to makes you a good appetite for every food
• Cooking Methods : 可以配搭,炸物,Kerabu, 炒面米粉,炸鱼切上洋葱,萝卜丝,陪白切鸡卤鸭等

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